There seems to be some confusion about whether children need to dress up for Culture Week.  School has only ever requested that children bring an apron or old shirt into school to help to keep the children's uniform clean.  Kangaroo house did, however, suggest that children in that house might like to dress up as Mexicans on Monday to celebrate the start of Culture Week.  Apart from this, no requests have been made from school for children to dress up.  We hope this will help to clarify matters for those who need further information.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.  We finished on a high in the last week of the Spring term with the Somerset Bridge Bake Off and the winning recipe - Mr Ryder's lemon posset - was highly acclaimed by everyone who managed to taste it.  In case anyone fancies trying to bake it themselves over the holiday, Mr Ryder has kindly provided his recipe on his class page as well as on the Bake Off school event blog below.

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